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1.What's the difference between Indian Hair & Beauty Supply Hair?
Beauty Supply hair is imported from Asia where hair is cheap and plentiful. It's collected from barber shavings, used combs-and several other unsanitary methods. It's normally filled with horse hair fillers & many synthetic fibers.

2.What does "100% Virgin" Indian Hair really mean?
It means that it is completely "raw" and unprocessed. It's all natural 100% human hair with all cuticles intact and running in the same direction to prevent tangling. Virgin hair will have the most natural look, movement and body when comparing it to processed hair. It lasts the longest and gives the best results and the least amount of trouble. Virgin hair also means that it has not been processed or colored in any way. It comes in an off black to a dark brown which is a great standard color for most skin complexions. Virgin Indian hair is expensive but it's the best looking and longest lasting hair available.

3. How do I know that Glamhairous Extensions, extensions are really virgin and natural?
Most companies will cut off the ends making the hair look really nice and trimmed, but not natural. Our Extensions are truly natural from root to tip. The ends are left completely natural and untrimmed, giving you the ultimate realism.

4. How many ounces are in 1 bundle?
There are 4 ounces in each bundle.

5. How do I know how many bundles I will need for a full sew in?

14-16 inches – 2 bundles
18-24 inches – 3 bundles
26+ inches – 4 bundles

6. Is each bundle from one person?
Because our extensions are virgin and no two bundles are the same, each bundle of hair comes from an individual donor. This guarantees consistency in color and texture within each pack of hair.

7. What color are the bundles?
No two bundles are exactly the same color. Hair varies from dark brown to off black.

8. Can I dye my Glamhairous Extensions?
If desired, adding color to virgin Indian hair also can be very beautiful. If you are using virgin hair for the first time & are considering coloring it, it should be done professionally.

9. Who can wear hair extensions?
Anybody who wishes to enhance the length, volume and overall appearance of their own hair can wear our hair extensions. Hair extensions are safe for men, women, and children.

10. Can I straighten hair extensions?
Yes. You can straighten, blow-dry, curl, and style your Glamhairous Extensions, just as you would your own hair. Our extensions offer great styling flexibility. Flat iron bone straight for a sleek and stylish look or curl with our curling wand or curlers for more style and fullness.

Hair reverts back to original texture after wetting or washing.

11. How do I know how many Clips ins of hair I need?
5 Clip ins will add slight body/length to your natural hair while 10 Clip ins will add lots of body and length.
Please note our Clip on Extensions are hand made and are very high quality. If ordering, please allow 10-13 business days.

12. How is the length of the hair measured?
The Straight hair texture is measured true to length while our curly/wavy is measured when the hair is pulled straight.

13. Do Glamhairous Extensions experience shedding?
As with any hair extensions, Glamhairous Extensions will have some normal and expected hair-fallout. Some hair fallout will continue throughout the entire lifespan of your hair extensions, which is an expected occurrence. You can minimize shedding/hair-fallout, by maintaining your hair extensions with utmost care.

14.How do I take care of my Virgin Indian Hair?
With proper installation and maintenance our hair generally lasts over a year.
1.Brush out knots: ALWAYS keep your extensions combed out to prevent knots & tangles. 2.Shampoo & Condition your hair Regularly: Be sure to rinse with luke warm water (never HOT water that will dry out your locks.) The more you Shampoo/Condition the softer your hair will become. 

15.It says you are out of stock of the product I am looking for, what should I do?
We generally receive stock from our factory every 1-2 weeks. Contact us via our contact page for further information 

16. What are hair good products that you recommend for your extensions? We recommend our Glamhairous Extensions Shampoo and Conditioner set. Please contact us for further information.

17. Do you guys offer a first time customer Discount?
Yes! Use Discount Code: FirstTimeGlam
We also offer a $15 flat rate discount to our returning customers who send in their testimonial via our contact page!

18. How long does shipping take?
Due to the extremely high volume of orders being received everyday, all orders will ship in  2-6 business days. If you ever have any questions about your order or the status of your order please do not hesitate to contact us! Clip on Extensions will take 10-15 business days. (Tracking Identification numbers will automatically be sent to the email address on file once shipped.) (Please note:  Once your items have been delivered to the specified delivery address and signed for, they are no longer covered by us.)
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